Spiritual Arousal Now Available On Amazon

Soulful Poetic Verses
A Journey Into Connection

A collection of poetry written by author/entrepreneur Ray Justice.

Hardcover, Paperback or e-edition

Spiritual Arousal Soulful Poetic Verses See What They Are Saying

This is the best poetry book I’ve ever read, and I say that because it felt like these incredible poems were written to me. The feeling of intimacy wraps its arms around my soul!


Laurie Sudbrink

Coach & Author of Leading with Grit

Poetry is meant to evoke our feelings and emotions. Ray Justice has mastered this art with Truly fantastic poetry!

His poems are those of a Master. Unbelievable! He has created a heartfelt gift for our world to study his words because they penetrate the person. Fantastic arrangement of words.


Donald Russell Woodruff

Author, Kangaroo Method: How to Unlock Your Verbal Intelligence

Ray Justice’s poems are the closest thing we have to Rumi’s poetry in our time. That is a big statement, but to me, the truth. I don’t just HIGHLY recommend; I feel his poetry is a must for any true spiritual seeker.

Michele Blood

Singer/Entertainer, Entrepreneur

Ray is able to make you think deeper and dream bigger than you ever imagined. His inspiring poetry will take you to places of deeper romance, curiosity, and connection with yourself. His writing is universal and will have a different effect on you each time you read it. This book will truly exceed your expectations.

Karen Orrico

President, Creative Correspondence Centre, Inc.