Find Out What Makes Ray Justice a Personal Development Coach

Testimonials and Letters

William A. Johnson, Jr.

CEO Strategic Community Intervention, 64th Mayor Rochester, N.Y. 1994-2005

Ray Justice has brought a whole new orientation into my thinking, and the way I interact with people. He is blessed with unique gifts and has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

Ray constantly thinks about ways to inspire people to think about the unfettered possibilities of living a life with a higher purpose. I am frequently amazed by the vivid explorations of his mind, and the ideas and inspiration that flows from them. His peaceful bearing, expressed in his poetry, is so refreshing in a turbulent world.
Raymond’s Brain is one of the most fascinating, most creative, and curious, most inspiring places in the universe.

Suzanne Stansbury

Media Solutions, Schenectady, NY

Ray’s insight and ability to read a person, and understand their needs, makes his teaching and
coaching invaluable to my growth and that of my business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

Ray is an expert in thinking out of the box. He sees beyond the obvious and can take you to a better place through thought and exploration. He is different from most people because of this. He is not afraid to test his limits and explore all possibilities in a kind and gentle way.”

“He touches so many lives and make us all appreciate more of what we have in doing so. I will start practicing being happy and positive and appreciating what I have. No one’s life is perfect, or even close to it, but we can choose to be happy! 🙂

Marjorie Baker Price

There is something magical with Ray’s writings beyond some of the stirring poetry. The language, the rhythm of some of these poems draw the reader in, and there is a corresponding sense, at a soul level, of something wonderful stirring to open the spirit. Beautiful.

Donald Russell Woodruff

Author, Kangaroo Method: How to Unlock Your Verbal Intelligence

Poetry is meant to evoke our feelings and emotions. Ray Justice has mastered this art with Truly fantastic poetry!

His poems are those of a Master. Unbelievable! He has created a heartfelt gift for our world to study his words because they penetrate the person. Fantastic arrangement of words.

Lisa Hill DiFusco

President The LightHeart Institute

I wonder how many people there are for whom you have left footprints, and their lives are never the same. Thank you for the many ways you give, inspire, and

Mary Conlon

Retired Vice President The Bank of Castile

Twenty years later and I still go back to the bridge. What a wonderful tool.

Rev. Lou Vasile

Auburn, NY

Ray Justice’s thoughts are not restrictive or narrow and he understands change is not static. We have been friends for over 45 years. In that time, I have grown to appreciate Ray’s remarkable ability to approach life calmly and creatively. His inner spirit is reflected in his poetry as he understands that it’s about relationships, not rigidity.

One of the most creative, energetic, compassionate people I know, Ray has had a series of experiences that melt into his poetry, and that grows from his heart. He has a rare gift to put into words the sentiments of generations of the human race. He is also the most spiritual person I know. When I think of him my thoughts are of "Happiness, Peace, and Thanks".

Holly Geoghegan

President Golf Marketing Services & former Marketing Director of LPGA

He has a way of looking at things with a fresh idea, an unheard of solution, or a new approach. Ray is a master at evoking positive change, and has been a wonderful influence in my life. He is a very gifted coach, and for him, it comes very naturally. He is a brilliant, unconventional, laid-back, very successful entrepreneur and extraordinary human being.
He is my “guru” and most trusted advisor in business and life.

Jill L. Stolt

President WellVentions, Inc.

Ray Justice is engaging and inspiring. He has an amazing ability to connect with all ages and cultures, on a personal level, in a business setting. I can’t recommend him more highly.

Beth Danehy, MA, MS, LMFT, CEAP

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

The first poem Ray shared with me over lunch many years ago is, to this day, still my favorite. In a crowded restaurant, I asked him to read it aloud. It spoke to me immediately, and simultaneously invited me to explore its meaning further. Ray Justice is deeply curious about the human experience in all its breadth and depth. His poetry is both intimate and universal, attuning to the wonder of human connection, in its joy and heartache, and fragility and strength.

Today working with my counseling position, the poem reflects the simplicity and complexity of relationships, what we each bring and what we long to experience. In very few words, the poem opens us to risk and vulnerability, love, and loss... our human longing to be seen, to be treated with tenderness and to be loved into our fullest selves.

p.s. The first poem he shared with me; the title is “Trust.”

Mike Masiello

A Curios Fan

One of Ray Justice’s many strengths is that he challenges you to rethink the conventional way of solving a problem, often helping you to see a new way to view or solve your situation. His real brilliance is getting you to truly understand your opinion or position and how others may perceive it. He lives by constantly learning new things with excitement, and curiosity.

Clay Osborne

President True Insights Consulting Former VP Bausch Lomb

Ray is masterful at combining phenomenal thinking with heartfelt compassion for others that provides a platform to undergo change, renewal and introspection with relative safety. His joy and ability to seamlessly understand others while growing himself through partnerships with others has been a wonderful model for teaching others to lead while being led.

Chris Williams

Lifespan of Greater Rochester Rochester Rehabilitation

Ray Justice, is a creator and gifted thought leader. He belongs to that rare class of individuals who are open minded and open hearted. His passion for helping people and living life as an intimate moment has inspired within him an insatiable curiosity for understanding human nature. Focused on connecting the art of humanity to the personal challenges faced in life, he works as a guide to bring people through the process of self awareness for a truer, richer life filled with new and satisfying possibilities.

Ray has but one mission here: to offer fun and creative guidance into the unknown, your unknown self.
Old Wisdom…New Possibility

By the way, since we are on the topic he has an incredible ability to inspire people.

Lucia Pinizotti

Ray is a true master of intimacy; every word stirs the imagination. He creates poetry that invites you to energetically connect, feel, and plumb the depth of your own experience.

Blair Hornbuckle

Business Coach and Consultant Co-founder Bush Mango Drum and Dance

Ray Justice is masterful within the change process . He’s one of the best I know at leading the way with a positive focus. I’ve always enjoyed encountering other individuals from his company. It is easy to see Ray’s enthusiasm and spirited approach coming alive in those of us he works with.

Amy B. Martin

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

Ray Justice is a gentle, beautiful Soul. He reaches into our hearts and Souls and reminds us that there is great power and strength in softness and fearlessly models what vulnerable raw masculine power and tenderness look like and feel like. Ray truly embodies all of the
qualities of a great healer… and leader. Ray is a Healer of Hearts.

Tom Merkel

Chairman of Vistage, Rochester NY

I wish I had just 10% of the energy, creativity and insight that Ray Justice oozes. Ray has a way of instantly connecting, and helping others zero in on what is important in life. Even in a larger group Ray has the uncanny ability to connect in a way that makes a difference. If Ray calls, make room in your calendar. You won’t regret it !!!!