Only Do The Things that . . .

. . .  Only You Can Do
I had the honor of giving the eulogy for a good friend last year. We have been friends for over 30 years so there are plenty of stories and that is what we talked about. I used 3 stories that had the most lasting effect on me.
Here is one and I will mention the others in future writing.
Last year, at a breakfast, he stopped my conversation and asked me to write down the following quote. Then he said for me to let him write it down as he wanted me to have it “exactly correct”.

The quote is “Only do the things that only you can do”


He wanted me to have the words written down “exactly” because he said I would probably remember it as “Only do the things that I am good at” and he wanted me to have it “exactly” this way. He watched me, over the years, spending much time in areas of my businesses
doing tasks that were not the most efficient use of my time.
I still struggle with that, not getting caught up in everyone else’s day-to-day situations. When I do I often think of my friend Lou and his story brings me back as a positive reminder. I know it probably should be credited to someone if I researched it enough but for here and for now I am going to credit my friend Lou
“Only Do The Things That Only You Can Do” Lou Cocilova 1944-2007 Rochester NY & West Palm Beach Florida
Thanks Lou, I’ll remember.